Jim Mamary: ‘The Days of Me Owning and Operating Are Over’

Photo: Daniel Maurer

The Real Deal catches up with shape-shifting restaurateur Jim Mamary and the news is not good: Two of his restaurants, Since 1963 (f.k.a. Gravy) and Fly Fish (f.k.a. Whisky Sunday), abruptly closed last week. Mamary still has five restaurants, but he says the days of me owning and operating are over (hell focus on designing and building instead) and hes even planning to move to New Jersey. But wait! Mamary may not be out of the restaurant game yet: Hes still contemplating new ventures in Crown Heights and Greenpoint. And he also plans to expand Pomme de Terre into a neighboring storefront and tweak the concept.

Prolific Brooklyn Restaurateurs Empire Shrinks [Real Deal]
Correction: An earlier version of this item referred repeatedly to Alan Harding instead of Jim Mamary.