A House Made of Pig Flesh; Bars Open Despite Smoking Violations


• A group of ecoarchitects in Brooklyn want to build a house made of laboratory-grown pig flesh. [Brooklyn Paper]

• The city has never closed a bar for repeat violations of the smoking ban. [NYP]

• A Chinese-food deliveryman was stabbed in the back with a screwdriver while on the job in Queens. [NYP]

• An injured man is suing Ulysses’s Folk House and Hook & Ladder II in the financial district for continuing to serve a drunk, underage patron who later beat the plaintiff. [NYP]

• Prices for soft commodities like sugar, cocoa, and tea are expected to hit record highs in 2010. [NYP]

• The E.U. is investigating allegations of fraud in farmers’ co-ops after a Crete olive-growers co-op was found to have vastly overstated production. [NYT]