A Food Plan for New York; Duvet Closed for Good


Christine Quinn will unveil a long-term food plan for New York City today. [NYT]

Duvet has been shut down for good by the SLA following accusations that a bouncer raped a patron in the club's bathroom. [NYP]

Brooklyn's Heritage Radio Network, a new Internet radio station, begins broadcasting 24/7 from the back of Roberta's today. [NYP]

Unilever has recalled all Slim Fast canned drinks because of possible bacterial contamination. [NYDN]

April Bloomfield claims that if she hadn't missed the application deadline, she'd be a police officer instead of a chef. [ABC]

A recently discovered DNA code in fish cells acts as a barcode of sorts and can definitively I.D. the type of fish. [WSJ]

A woman is suing major food company Cargill after eating a hamburger tainted with E. coli. [NYT]

College Inn's No MSG Chicken Broth has been recalled because it does, in fact, contain MSG, in addition to an undisclosed wheat allergen. [NYP]

Some Australians are unhappy about proposed emu- and kangaroo-flavored potato chips. [NYDN]

A bouncer was stabbed more than a dozen times outside of Long Island's 620 Lounge. [1010WINS]