Was 1 Oak Owner Denied Entry at Provocateur?

Photo: Melissa Hom

While Gawker gets more details from its source about “the new Beatrice Inn” (the still-mysterious Soho venture will be multilevel and will aim to “Manhattan-ize the young Brooklyn forward-thinking vibe exemplified by Roberta’s in Bushwick”), Steve Lewis ponders the super-exclusive door policy at the Gansevoort’s new club, Provocateur. His name doesn’t appear in the draft that’s currently online (it was cut minutes after publication), but in the original version, Lewis revealed that 1 Oak honcho Ronnie Madra was denied at the door. Some would call that karma, but Lewis puts it this way: “Turning away good people to make a statement seems more harmful than having a real door person who can make intelligent decisions. It’s a must, and I question Provocateur’s policy.”

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