Will LudoBites Pop-Up at Royal/T?

Photo: LudoBites

Is LudoBites going to pop up next at Royal/T? That’s what the good folks at Gayot are saying. Their word is that Ludo will do a two-and-a-half week stint at the Culver City house of play in December. Beloved for its sense of festivity more than its food, all would certainly change if Ludo’s show came to the space with its high demand for reservations. Ludo’s people are so far staying mum on the possible move, but a curious thing happens if you were to say, type in “Ludo” and “Royal T” into a Google search. The search entry for Chef Ludo’s own site seems to call forth a teaser that Ludo and Royal/T are to “get into bed together.” Though there’s no corroboration on the actual site (there is a giant photo of Royal/T), that line should be enough to make everyone who is hot for Ludo’s inked body a tad jealous. For everyone who is hot for Ludo’s food, we’ll stay tuned to this possible development.

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