Where’s the Lower East Side’s Latest Hidden Bar?

Photo: Thomas Angermann Flickr

Last month we brought you news of a sushi speakeasy on the Lower East Side, and now comes word of a truly underground bar in the neighborhood. In fact, it’s so secret we had to agree not to reveal the exact location (annoying, yes, but we are a blog of our word). We can share a few clues for the determined, however: It’s below a Dominican restaurant and is farther east than weekend revelers usually go. To find the space, head through an unmarked door in the back of the modest dining room.

You’ll plunge down a stairway, duck under a pipe, and emerge into a white-walled basement room with red-and-blue lighting and spray-painted toys hanging from the ceiling. The 60-person space is outfitted with hand-built charcoal banquettes and a small bar. The jukebox is curated by downtown musicians, artists, and D.J.’s, and the drinks are cheap: $4 beers and $5 wine, with a full liquor license in the works. The bar opened this past weekend and serves drinks Thursday through Saturday nights. Once the kinks are worked out, we’ll be able to reveal more details; in the meantime, those who haven’t taken a vow of secrecy are free to share intel in the comments.