What You’ll Be Eating From The Sweets Truck


The Sweets Truck, L.A.’s forthcoming saccharine munchie mobile, is barreling down the road in about a week and a half to spike your insulin levels with a huge assortment of desserts. Unlike its peers, Sweets Truck is not cooking fusion in a cramped kitchen, but is bundling a swath of the city’s scattered bakers and confection makers to stock its candy shop-on-wheels. So, who will come along for the ride?

So far, we learned that there will be all things dipped in chocolate from Madame Chocolat (though a chocolate dipped Korean taco is not planned), coffee and tea from Jones Coffee, cookies and cupcakes from Cookie Casa Bakery, brownie bars and red velvet cupcakes from Xtreme Desserts, and itty bitty boxes of cacao nibs from Sweet Riot. There is also talk of Kiss My Bundt as another partner and Sweet Truck’s Twitter lets us know they are in ongoing talks with more bakers and candy makers. The idea is that the truck spends its gas to get you full of L.A’s varied sweet thangs, rather than have you hogging freeway space to find each and every far-off treat that has built some buzz. Naturally, you can follow the truck’s progress on their Twitter page.