We’ve Got A Winner For Two Tickets To Great Chefs, And A Discount for Everyone Else

Great Chefs host George Lopez with his wife
Great Chefs host George Lopez with his wife

We’re happy to announce our editorial board has picked a winner for two free tickets to this Sunday’s Great Chefs of L.A. food event. Thanks to everyone for entering. We received many a passionate plea for a slew of favorite local toques from Jimmy Shaw to Suzanne Goin. While we have just one first place winner, we also offer a special discount for all of our readers, as each of you is a winner in our book blog. But first, for the main event.

The winning entry, as determined by our market editors, is Mona R. who offered one of a few submissions telling us why Neal Fraser of Grace and BLD is L.A.’s best chef.

Mona wrote, “Neal Fraser provides an exciting gastronomic experience with beautifully presented dishes that are not intimidating, unlike some chefs whose masterpieces, when served, you’re not sure what to do, how to eat it, or if it should be eaten.” Thanks Mona, you win two tickets to this weekend’s event.

For the rest of our readers, especially for the great entries that could not keep under 50 words and had to be eliminated, we have a special $50 discount if you buy your tickets before Friday at 5:00 p.m. with our Grub Street code. Go to The National Kidney Foundation website and type in CHEFGRUB at the bottom where you’re prompted to enter a discount code, and tickets will be just $100.

Thanks for playing everybody!