U.K.’s Masterchef Coming to Fox, Care of Gordon Ramsay


Grub Street reader Jeff Morton wrote in last week wondering if we knew anything about a show called Masterchef. “I checked out a couple of snippets of the show on YouTube over the weekend. It looks interesting and the cooking seems to be on a higher scale than some of the American shows. Also, those chefs can make some fabulous desserts. They don’t have a Top Chef attitude towards them.” We hadn’t heard of the show, till we read Eat Me Daily today and learned that Gordon Ramsay is awakening from his Kitchen Nightmares and will instead contribute to Masterchef, a British show Fox is importing to America. The format is similar to American Idol, in that amateurs are competing to become a “master,” explains Eat Me Daily. If the preview from the Australian version is any indication (watch it below), expect kitchen acrobatics.

Video via Eat Me Daily
Gordon Ramsay to Feature in US Masterchef [Guardian UK]