Top Chef Front-runner Predicts Own Demise

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo

No, we didnt bother watching the Top Chef reunion show (or even the clips on Eat Me Daily) because, lets face it, between past contestants shilling for frozen pizza and wrapping matzo balls in bacon, weve had just about enough of them. But we were vaguely intrigued by a sketchy E! Online report that one of this seasons favorites (Jennifer Carroll, Kevin Gillespie, Bryan Voltaggio, and Mike Voltaggio) revealed that they got kicked off before the end while having a casual conversation with a new acquaintance in the jewelry district of downtown Los Angeles.

This doesnt exactly spoil anything obviously one of them got kicked off! but you have to wonder who it was. Mike Voltaggio cooks in Pasadena, and the jewelry district is only fifteen minutes away from him. But it couldve been anyone in town for the weekend (the finale was filmed on the West Coast, after all). Given Bravos forbidding nondisclosure rules, look for the blabbermouth to be walking around with nine fingers, owing to a mysterious kitchen accident.