This Thanksgiving, Stuff Your Turkey with White Castle Sliders

Your new family tradition begins here.
Your new family tradition begins here. Photo: courtesy White Castle

Deep-fried White Castle sliders might have found their match in Mana Food Bar chef Jill Barron’s Thanksgiving stuffing, which she shares in today’s Sun-Times. In lieu of the usual bread and sausage components, Barron uses the mini fast-food burgers to beef up (heh) her turkey accompaniment. There it is in the ingredient list: “18 White Castle hamburgers (no pickles), chopped into 1-inch pieces.”

Barron acknowledges that the recipe is “trashy,” but defends its Sandra Lee-esque undertones on account of its deliciousness. That’s backed up by Michael Nagrant, who wrote the S-T article and tested the recipe before its publication. The stuffing is “insanely good,” he said, in response to our overexcited query. “There’s a savoriness from the burgers that’s really impossible to replicate in stock or herbs alone. Add in the pillowy buns and the grilled onion perfume from the sliders and it’s one of the best stuffings I ever made, including those I’ve made with bacon.”

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