There’s a Churreria in Staten Island

Photo: Fork in the Road

We can now pack up the business plan we’ve had for years and throw it in the fireplace, because Fork in the Road has found a proper churro stand in Staten Island. Taza Churros has been open for several months now, but word from the fifth borough travels slowly. You can get the fried cake batter filled with guava or dulce de leche, and/or dusted with sugar or cinnamon — if cinnamon sticks is really what you want. But the part we’re excited about, since we prefer our churros Andalucía-style, and absolutely no one who currently sells them seems to be with us on this — if you ask, you can get large churros without any fillings or toppings at all.

Staten Island’s Taza Churros Is a Storefront Shrine to Latin Donuts [Fork in the Road/VV]
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