The Calbi Truck Storms Universal Studios

Calbi Truck
Calbi Truck Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Calbi Fusion Tacos and Burritos, often saddled with the moniker “that Kogi imitator,” has set up shop at Universal Studios for a three month stint ending on January 31st. We noted last month that Calbi is the first truck to offer franchise opportunities, so plunking down in tourist-frenzied Universal sounds consistent with those aims. Perhaps Baja Fresh pulled a few corporate strings to get them in there. John Lee, President of Calbi, tells Yahoo! Finance that the move has been more successful than cherry-picking Chef Choi’s clientele, with a 400% increase in sales over the Halloween weekend. It sounds like placement in a major theme park is merely the beginning of Calbi’s growth as the company’s James Walker indicates “we look forward to further expansion in all potential markets.”

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