The Beatrice Inn Fight Continues, on Two Fronts

Photo: Yun Cee Ng

Earlier today, Blackbook noticed that Purple editor and mayor of the Beatrice Inn, Olivier Zahm, posted a photo on his blog of a man in front of the “soon to be reopened Beatrice Inn” (per the caption). Now an anonymous source who’s “working on a new deal” with Paul Sevigny tells Gawker: “He’s still fighting to open Beatrice. But if it reopens, Beatrice won’t be the same because of the neighbors, so that plan is to move the controversial party downtown to a space that does not have the same sound issues.”

Back in August, Ravi Somaiya, the author of the Gawker post, penned a story for the Times in which a Sevigny cohort (presumably the same one) revealed plans of a “new club and restaurant in Soho, away from residential areas.” So it looks like the west Soho project will serve as the new Beatrice, while the old Beatrice might go back to being … who knows what, maybe a hipster Minetta Tavern? After all, Sevigny’s original game plan did call for steaks and burgers …