Surya Reaches Sundown, Holy Cow Survives

Joshi hasn't sold his last rogan josh
Joshi hasn’t sold his last rogan josh Photo: Sauce Supreme via Flickr

There is great Indian food to be found in Los Angeles, though it is spread out among average places that hardly cut the kofta. Squid Ink reports that our sub-continental landscape is unfortunately losing Surya, one of the nicer looking and dependably delicious Indian restaurants in town. Further desecrating nine years of ahimsa-accessible, bovine-less memories, beer and beef joint The Burger Factory is coming to the space with slaughtered deities cows on buns. The good news is the restaurant’s selections are headed to owner Sheel Joshi’s nearby Holy Cow, with his chef and best-selling Mangalorean chicken recipe in tow once Surya closes in mid-December.

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