State Busts Park Slope Restaurants for Stiffing Workers Out of Almost $1 Million

Photo: Randy Harris

In all our time covering the labor disputes that are increasingly becoming par for the course at New York City restaurants (just today there was the case of kitchen workers suing Mama Mexico), most of the cases arose when jilted employees went to lawyers. But today, the AP reports that the state labor commission visited 27 restaurants and coffee shops in Park Slope and found no less than 25 in violation of wage laws. “Labor officials say most of the 207 underpaid employees delivered food,” writes the AP. “Officials say they worked 60 to 70 hours a week for $210 to $275 a week. Workers at one restaurant were paid as little as $2.75 an hour.” In all, the restaurants underpaid a total of almost $912,000. Kind of puts paid sick leave into perspective, doesn’t it?

Official: NY restaurant workers underpaid $912,000 [AP via WCAX]