State-Funded Dinner at Locke-Ober; Fifty Cent Settles with Taco Bell


• Members of the Massacusetts Health and Educational Facilities Authority have been charging dinners at restaurants like Locke-Ober to the state. [Fox]

• Fifty Cent has settled a lawsuit against Taco Bell for using his name without permission in an ad. [NYP]

• Mogul Richard Branson is opening a fifteen acre culinary resort called Natirar in New Jersey next week. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

• China has executed two men for their role in last year’s contaminated milk scandal. [NYT]

• Scientists have found that a diet rich in Vitamin A will help you fight disease (including swine flu) better. [WSJ]

• NBC has declined to run a PETA ad about turkey cruelty during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. [Gothamist]