Santa Monica BreadBar Opens with New Hatchi Series


BreadBar re-opened its Santa Monica location last night to provide a new Hatchi Series designed with Chef Nori. Called HatchiRoku (Japanese for 8 and 6, which together mean “drift”), the concept will find a different chef cooking different three-course menus nightly from Wednesday through Saturday over three months each season, at which point a new chef will take over pop-up duties. Chef Eda Vesterman, who recently had her own Hatchi series night in Century City, began her three-month stint last night armed with flavors based on the four elements, each of which will get its own evening to be explored. A follow-up cheese and wine bar opens at 10 p.m. in collaboration with the Beverly Hills Cheese Store. The next chef on deck is Mo-Chica and Wabi Sabi’s Peruvian phenomenon Ricardo Zarate, coming in February. The nightly three-course dinners are $33 before drinks, tax, and tip. Breadbar. 602 Santa Monica Blvd. Santa Monica. 310-395-9490.

Technical Update: Breadbar tells us HatchiRoku (86) is a Japanese slang term for the “drift” associated with a 1986 Toyota Corolla and in this case they mean to signify a drift from its regular Hatchi series.