Samba Brazilian Steakhouse Gets Hip(s) in Studio City

Photo: via Flickr

Samba has shaken its tail feathers from Redondo Beach to a second, more spectacular location at Universal Studios’ CityWalk. As you clever readers might have deduced, Samba is a Brazilian restaurant and is serving churrascharia and rodizio, skewered cuts of meat served table side for a prix-fixe price. As the menu under chef Jason Ryczek is seasonal, various recipes of his design like lobster mashed potatoes will also routinely appear to take command of the capital of Universal Studio’s nightlife.

Reuters tells us there is also a bar dedicated to Caipirinhas, with 24 flavors including jalapeno-cucumber (yum!) and Caipiroska bubblegum (yuck!). While high-price Brazilian rarely captivates us the way the ten dollar steaks and soulful feijoada in El Sereno and Culver City do, Samba has a gimmick ripe for this location that straddles the line between hospitality and entertainment. There will be dancing girls hypnotically trembling their hips in Carnival costumes along with live Samba music every night. Hopefully, it’s not an effort to distract us from subpar meats by using above-par booties, but in any case, it might be a useful ploy to get your dad to take you there for dinner. Samba. 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City. 818-763-0101.

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