Red Mango Infiltrates Boston


Boston’s first Red Mango is now open in the former home of Bad Dawgs on Mass Ave. Red Mango is the first big fro-yo chain to open in the Hub, handily beating Pinkberry, which is set to come to Boston at an indeterminate time in the future.

Red Mango’s opening, however, comes hot on the heels of both the closing of Yo! Berry, an event we speculated could be the first tremors of a Boston fro-yo backlash, and the shuttering of two Red Mangos in New York, a city where the fro-yo backlash is well underway. Red Mango’s location, however, will undoubtedly work to its advantage: Berklee, Boston Conservatory, and Northeastern are all just a stone’s throw away and the next nearest spot for fro-yo is the Fenway BerryLine, which is a little ways away.

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