Pret a Manger Scolded for Not Having ‘Spankingly Fresh’ Ingredients


After discovering that Pret A Manger’s “spankingly fresh” fish is actually shipped 7,000 miles from Chile over the course of a month (despite the fact that Scottish waters are just 500 miles away), the Telegraph now reveals that the British chain gets its chicken (one of its “fresh, natural ingredients”) from a Brazilian processor.

Regarding the fish, Pret says it couldn’t source “sashimi”-grade salmon from anyone in Europe, and the Chilean farm is also said to be “fantastic” compared to others in Chile that pollute. Also, British law requires fish to be frozen, so what can they do about that? And as for the chickens, Pret says they get more light and air than most. But the Telegraph points to evidence that Brazilian farmworkers often suffer injuries and have to deal with poor conditions (and no health care) while being compensated a mere £250 a month, and the chickens are often fed on limited grain and soy supplies. What does all of this add up to? Ya got us.