Pickles for Hipsters; New Orleans Celebrates the Po’ Boy


• Pickles are the trendy food du jour, with demand rising in stores across New York. [NYO]

• New Orleans is holding a Po’ Boy Preservation Festival this month in an effort to celebrate the sandwich some say is endangered by the monoculture. [NYT]

• An upscale Long Island City restaurant serves as a training center for the members of the New York Hotel Trades Council. [NYT]

• McDonald’s is holding an American Idol–style singing competition for its employees. [Chicago Business]

• Food and wine center Copia is being liquidated with a sale expected very soon. [Decanter]

• Bobby Moynihan, who recently impersonated Guy Fieri on Saturday Night Live, says he’s actually a huge fan of the Food Network star. [Hungry Beast]

• Starbucks has opened a new prototype in London, complete with fewer brand references and upscale touches like Italian leather chairs. [Brand Republic via Eater National]