PETA’s Favorite Vegan Meatballs

Photo: Max Kiesler/Flickr

According to the folks at PETA (who should know), Ike’s Place in San Francisco has the best vegan meatballs in the whole country. “For a sandwich shop that isn’t even all vegetarian, Ike’s has a huge vegan menu, including two vegan meatball favorites: the Vegan Meatless Mike and the Not So Sloppy Ike,” the group’s VegCooking Blog notes in its top ten Vegan Meatballs in America list.

Runners up included The Greenery in Encinitas, for its veggie-walnut meatballs, Gianna’s Grill, in Philadelphia, for its “Haastile” Meatball Sub, New York City’s Caravan of Dreams for its savory almond-Brazil nut meatballs, and the Buddha Hut in Worcester, Mass., with its Italian meatball soup. Oakland’s Breakroom also got on the board with “homemade vegan meatballs served on a French panini and topped with vegan mozzarella.” Ironically, a lot of these cities also seem like go-to destinations for regular meatballs. We doubt PETA will publish that top-10 list, though.

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