Party Business Down at Tavern on the Green; Houston Critic Drops Anonymity


Tavern on the Green’s legal woes have resulted in a 20 percent drop in private-party bookings. [Crain’s NY]

Houston Press critic Robb Walsh is dropping his anonymity because “I was hired as a newspaper restaurant critic and feature writer. Today I am, first and foremost, a blogger. It’s a little ludicrous to try and maintain your anonymity while you are photographing your plate.” [Houston Press via Eat Me Daily]

• Amy Sacco’s reality show will follow the club owner as she tries to open a new space on West 17th Street. [NYP]

• Manischewitz has revived its old “Man-O-Manischewitz!” slogan, this time to sell kosher foods instead of wine. [NYT]

• Lots of people bring leftover Halloween candy into their offices. [City Room/NYT]