Over $13,000 in Sea Cucumbers Nabbed By Border Patrol

Three-rowed sea cucumber
Three-rowed sea cucumber Photo: Lazlo-Photo via Flickr Creative Commons

Jaded border patrol agents used to uncovering hidden caches of humans, heroin, and automatic rifles were no doubt taken aback by a recent discovery at the U.S.-Mexico border. Peaking into the luggage of two Chinese citizens, over 300 pounds of sea cucumbers were found, reports The L.A. Times, valued at $45 per pound and possibly headed for area menus as a delicacy or soup ingredient. We’re impressed the little guys could survive the trip across the border stuffed into Samsonite, but our entrepreneurial side has to declare: can’t you find these creatures en masse on the sea floor near our own Channel Islands?

[NBC via L.A. Times]