Morton’s Will Become Spike Lee’s Joint For A Day

Spike Lee
Spike Lee Photo: El Frenetico via Flickr

Spike Lee will be passing the Mo’ Better Butter at the Downtown locale of Morton’s The Steakhouse on Tuesday, November 24th in conjunction with ESPN. The channel has a regular series that invites sports and entertainment stars to sup with the public over a three course menu. It will cost $50 for diners to see if Spike can get enthused to be on display in Los Angeles for a day, but we’ve been unable to find out how much of the loot goes to Spike’s cut. In any case, your fee also allows you to lob a few questions to Mr. Mars Blackmon, ideally about sports and not to bug out about why certain photos may or not be on Morton’s walls. Doors will open to the lunch at 11 a.m. and reservations can be made at 213-553-4586.

Update: The Q&A; will be moderated by Andrew Siciliano and
Mychal Thompson of 710 ESPN