Michelle Obama Makes Her Iron Chef Debut

Sam Kass Photo: Getty Images

In two separate pieces, the Times shines a spotlight on both White House chefs. The first article assures us that the Obamas cook, Sam Kass, doesnt just stand around looking like a hot monk he also has an unprecedented influence on the administrations food policy, including its farm-to-school initiatives. But despite the fact that Kass is one of Peoples Most Beautiful People, itll be White House executive-chef Cristeta Comerford who competes on an upcoming episode of Iron Chef, Marian Burros reports. Also appearing on that episode: Michelle Obama, who will challenge Batali, Flay, et al. to use vegetables from the White House garden. But wait a minute! They dont actually use veggies from the garden, but rather stand-ins. Meaning, they cant spare a few sweet potatoes for a national TV appearance? Those agribusiness boosters who complain that urban farming is impractical are sure going to have a ball with this one.