Lovely Day Reopens After a Year Out of Commission

Lovely Day before it closed last year.

Lovely Day before it closed last year.Photo: Gavin Thomas

Last year, when Nolita Thai fixture Lovely Day was felled by a building fire shortly before their annual Halloween party (a tradition among downtown graphic-designer types), we never could have imagined that they’d be closed for an entire year. Through some stroke of kismet, they reopened this Halloween night for a party to benefit the building’s tenants' association (although Lovely Day finally got the Department of Buildings’s go-ahead to reoccupy the building, tenants are still waiting). The menu is pretty much the same (the old chef returned to duty, as did much of the staff), and there’s a new drinks list featuring old-fashioned cocktails with an Asian twist. Delivery is already up and running, and the restaurant will now open at 11 a.m. rather than noon for lunch. Lovely indeed!


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