Le Cirque Dabbles in D.J.’s and Doormen, But Don’t Call It a Nightclub

Mauro Maccioni, life of the party Photo: Patrick McMullan

When we wrote about the Halloween party that photographer Morgan Miller helped throw at Le Cirque, we hinted that he might start co-hosting regular events there. Sure enough, the first one will be thrown tonight on the restaurants lounge side, with Asia Argentos husband, Michele Civetta, manning the turntables. Mauro Maccioni insists to us that Le Cirque is not losing identity. Though he admits his father, Sirio, is still getting comfortable with it, the paterfamilias is said to be okay with the soires as long as they dont interfere with the restaurants operation.

The parties will be thrown every Friday night, and they wont be a madhouse, according to Maccioni, whos also careful to say that its not like a nightclub. Rather, he and Miller will invite their friends, and a doorman will control anyone else who wants to join (Maccioni is working on securing a better-connected door person, but wont reveal the name). If you aim to impress that doorman, take note: I actually suggested people come in blazers tonight to maintain a very elegant standard, says Maccioni. Adding to the elegance: a late-night menu, served till 2 a.m., that will include foie gras, caviar, smoked salmon, quiches, a croque monsieur, and sliders.