Jose Andres Finds His Rhythm

Photo: Hadley Tomicki

The Bazaar’s Jose Andres is the latest culinary superstar to join KCRW’s Guest DJ Project. Andres chose five songs, evoking his native Spain with Barcelona’s Macaco and reminding us of the haunting beauty in Ennio Morricone’s The Mission soundtrack. While it’s a pleasure to hear Andres speak passionately on his musical motivations and dashed ambitions, we are surprised to hear the conventional tune he feels speaks most to his internal rhythm. Andres says, “I have a feeling that (The Counting Crows’) Mr. Jones is the one that has my rhythm. And every time I need to find that rhythm again, I will put that song on….” Ai! It appears one of today’s most innovative and experimental chefs finds inspiration in possibly the most commercial lite-rock hit of the last twenty years. At least his food is more Manu Chao than Adam Duritz. Check out Jose Andres guest DJ-ing here.