Jason Wu Gets a Pastry Lesson From François Payard

Jason Wu practices making a pie in anticipation of his lesson with François Payard.

Fashion designer Jason Wu loves to cook in his downtime and experiments with recipes from TV shows and websites. “I like to try different things. I always go on Epicurious.com or FoodNetwork.com and find new things,” Wu told us at the Glamour Women of the Year awards gala last night. In fact, Wu was baking an apple pie when New York photographed his apartment, and he told us that he was “obsessed with” macarons, but had never been able to make them. Apparently Food & Wine took note: Wu tells us they set up a macaron-making lesson with a master. “I just learned how to make macarons from François Payard. He taught me how to make it; we did a story for Food & Wine,” Wu said. “They heard that I’d been wanting to perfect it for a long time and they said, ‘How would you like him to teach you how to make it?’ And of course, I’m not going to turn that down.” The macarons turned out pretty good. “Well, you know, I had him holding my hand,” Wu admitted. “I have to see if I can do it myself.”

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