Hot Butchers, Badass Farmers, and Others Honored by Heeb 100 and Chow 13

Photo: Chow

A couple of nose-thumbing influential-type lists are out today, and as expected, Takedown visionary Matt Timms and Stumptown founder Duane Sorenson have made the Chow 13. It's Chow.coms somewhat lowbrow-leaning list of individuals who inspired the most exciting developments to take place in food over the past year. Dont believe the list leans lowbrow? Well, the authors of This Is Why Youre Fat made it, as did haute-trash food innovator Christina Tosi of Momofuku Milk Bar. There are also nods for the obligatory hot butcher (San Franciscos Ryan Farr in an upset over Brooklyns Tom Mylan) and badass urban farmer (Oaklands Novella Carpenter).

Meanwhile, some food-types make Heeb magazines Heeb 100 list of commendable Jews, including Dave Herman (co-owner of Porchetta), Amanda Cohen (chef-owner of Dirt Candy), Gary and Allison Jonas of Farm on Adderley, and Spike Mendelsohn of Top Chef. Were kind of surprised Heeb, always one to embrace the unorthodox (to say the least), didnt go for Ilan Halls Old Jewish food date-raped by bacon.