Green Papaya-Style Thai Arrives Downtown at New Soi 7 at Maison

Photo: Hadley Tomicki

A new Thai restaurant, Soi 7 at Maison, has opened Downtown on 7th Street at the Mandel Lofts. BlogDowntown lets us know that the 90-table space has been leased since September 2007, putting a touch of perspective on the various starts and stops faced by The Gorbals nearby. In addition to a Thai menu from Alhambra favorite Green Papaya’s David Tewasart, a Parisian tea house is housed in the restaurant’s belly, which will eventually up their loose leaf stock from 20 to about 160 varieties. A large outdoor patio and a market called Epicuria are also planned for the rear of the space and will debut soon. Soi 7 at Maison. 518 W. 7th St. 213-537-0333.

Soi 7 at Maison Opens on 7th [BlogDowntown]