Gobi Mongolian BBQ Grand Opens in Silverlake; Big Wangs Aims Downtown

Photo: Xurble via Flickr

For those who like to eat a mountain of food, we suggest Mongolian barbecue, the fun way to cram endless bowls of mixed eats into your gullet courtesy of a massive circular grill. Silver Lake’s Gobi Mongolian BBQ grand-opened last night (after a long period soft-open) with a crowded party that LAist tells us had more neighborhood freeloaders than actual food. Nonetheless, we will try Gobi for the mere fact that Mongolian ‘cue has no headquarters outside of South Bay and The Valleys. 2827 W. Sunset Blvd. 213-989-0711.

We also learned that Big Wangs is coming to 8th and Grand to deliver some country-tinted competition to ESPN Sports Zone. BlogDowntown talks with Wang’s head honcho, P.J. Brill, who thinks Wang’s has a competitive edge in the sports bar scene because, “We take a lot of pride in our food quality.” Wang’s will open in a few months in the former Tranquility Base space.

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