Food Bloggers Outsmart Kenny Shopsin in Sandwich Skirmish

Photo: AP

A while back, we sent a sacrificial lamb into the maw of Kenny Shopsin just to see what would happen, and to see whether or not there was any chance she could maybe, possibly charm the suspenders off of him. Nope. Today on AlwaysHungry, another reporter pisses Kenny off when she orders the Jewboy and the Jihadboy sandwiches at the same time (violating the one entrée per customer rule), and then she gets kicked out altogether when she reveals she’s a reporter. Didn’t see that coming! So does AlwaysHungry get their precious sandwiches? Yes, indeed — though only after displaying Mossad-like cunning and bravado in dodging the no-takeout rule. But don’t feel too glib, AlwaysHungry: You’ve won the battle, but not the war.

AlwaysInvestigating: Sandwich Holy War at Shopsin’s [AlwaysHungry]