Egg Chef Is Now at Roebling Tea Room

The spread at Egg
The spread at Egg Photo: Jeff Mermelstein

Brooklyn Based reports that Egg, which just made Fork in the Road’s list of favorite Brooklyn restaurants has let go of chefs Millicent Souris (formerly of Queen’s Hideaway) and Stephen Tanner (formerly of Marlow &: Sons as well as Pies-N-Thighs). Souris “has now taken over lunch service at Roebling Tea Room: Scotch eggs, smoked trout on herbed lentils, biscuits to kill and die for.” Brooklyn Based questions whether the grub at Egg will be as good, but it may be a little Brooklyn Biased— Souris attended editor Annaliese Griffin’s wedding to Tom Mylan, after all.

Don’t Quote Us [Brooklyn Based]