Drink Like a Gossip Girl at the Empire Hotel

I'm a Chuck Bass. Photo: Courtesy of the Empire Hotel

Like Gilt before it, the Empire Hotel is taking advantage of its recent (and frequent) Gossip Girl name-drops by introducing show-themed drinks to its cocktail menu, created by Somer Perez. Starting tonight, sip the "Jennys Tartlet" (Montecristo white rum, mint, ruby-red grapefruit, and a lollipop: Sweet yet pushy, she packs a zingy punch. Shell take the limelight at any cost ... Kids these days); the "I'm Chuck Bass" (Dewars scotch, red apple, ginger bites, and apple cider); or the intriguing but terrifying "XOXO" with all secret ingredients. Get drunk and act irresponsibly, like all your favorite Gossip Girl characters, for only $15 a drink.