Doubling Up the Best Meals Under $6

Photo: Daniel Maurer

Working right in its wheelhouse, the Voice’s blog names its favorite ten meals for under $6. Of course, this is Sietsema talking, so factor in the $4.50 it’s going to take you to get up to the Bronx or out to Queens and back. This is an impressive assortment of dumplings, tacos, burgers, noodles, and bánh mì, but one question — why no love for doubles? A while back, AlwaysHungry had a great rundown of the under-appreciated West Indian chickpea pockets, which deliver about as much bang for the buck as tacos do (perhaps more so, at just $1 each). That site praised Bed Stuy’s Royal Bakery & Roti House as the best, but we like to score ours in Richmond Hill, because at 107-23 Liberty Avenue, there’s a backlit lounge, called Gemini’s, where you can watch cricket all night. That’s right — cricket. Anyway, dem’s our two cents.

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