Details Revealed in Table 8, 8 Oz. Partner’s Murder Investigation


TMZ has obtained a search-warrant affidavit in the case of Joshua Woodward, the Table 8 and 8 Oz. partner who has been accused of murdering his unborn child. While Woodward has not yet been charged, gory details have emerged about a police sting operation that caught him at the victim’s home with a powdery substance in October.

The crime itself is said to have occurred in October when a woman pregnant with Woodward’s child claims he was handling a plastic bag while also touching her. She says a few hours later she lost her baby and recalls “a white powdery substance on her underwear.” This accusation lead cops to set up a sting operation that caught Woodward returning to the woman’s home and dropping a plastic bag of white powder to the ground when confronted by authorities. Police believe the powder to be Misoprostol and are currently testing to see if it is indeed the substance used to induce labor or terminate pregnancies.

Fetus-Killing Powder Suspected in Brutal Murder [TMZ]
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