Department of Health: Tea Parlors, Bistros, and Slice Joints, Oh My!

Photo: Midtown Lunch

Nam Wah Tea Parlor, which claims to be the first dim sum restaurant in Chinatown, still hasn’t reopened after its shuttering last week (the Chinatown time capsule tells us it’s hoping for next week), and now, according to Midtown Lunch, a new-school Chinese restaurant has been shut down, too. A Twitter message, now deleted, had claimed that Mantao Chinese Sandwiches was “closing for the holidays,” but now the shop tells Midtown Lunch it’s hoping to fix a broken boiler and reopen today. Elsewhere on the DOH front, Slice worries that the Department is cracking down on the sacred tradition of pizzas being kept out on counters for display, and Brooklyn Heights Blog notices that neighborhood bistro Le Petit Marche has been temporarily thwacked.

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