David Bouley Will Sell Wine at $5 Per Ounce

Photo: Getty Images

According to Diner’s Journal, David Bouley will be turning a corner of Bouley Bakery into a wine bar called By the Ounce, where everything from caviar to wine will be priced at $5 per ounce. While that might be a steal for caviar (assuming they aren’t using whitefish or salmon roe or somesuch), if we’re understanding this correctly, it also means that a glass of wine is going to cost you around $30. Florence Fabricant writes, “Wines selected by André Compeyre, the wine director, will be dispensed by the ounce, half-glass and glass, from a new-fangled wine keeper by Napa Technologies, and also sold by the bottle from a list of 250.” Funny how the Times, with its passion for wine, doesn’t care enough to describe the wine keeper beyond saying it’s “new-fangled.” Will the frozen-yogurt business model work with Château Margaux?

An Evening Wine Bar Is Set to Open at Bouley Bakery