Crustacean’s An Family Will Unleash Two New Restuarants on SoCal This Winter

Photo: CogDogBlog via Flickr

Love them or loathe them, The An Family that founded Crustacean in Beverly Hills is bringing two new restaurants to SoCal. AnQi is slated for Costa Mesa’s South Coast Plaza this winter, which a la Meteigner, will recalibrate the family’s recipes to a more casual gourmet bistro. AnQi will also sport a dining room runway to accommodate O.C. fashion plates whose heels are sore from shopping at Bloomingdale’s next door. We envision off-the-rack blouses for 60-somethings being pedaled here, and not the next major show from Proenza Schouler.

Closer to home, the An clan will bring Tiato to Santa Monica’s MTV Networks building. Tiato is planned as a fast-service market café for breakfast and lunch, as well as takeout meals, which they will call “An the Go”, writes Reuters. The focus will be on easy U.S. favorites with Helene An’s fusion-y twists, like pancakes with persimmon or eggs benedict on bao, with an emphasis on healthy ingredients. For the legions of Crustacean haters out there, this might be time to give the An Family a second chance as they make their first new move here in decades. Or maybe they’ll just have two new reasons to rail.

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