Coffee Shop Poised to Take Over Empire Diner

Photo: Shanna Ravindra

Chelseas iconic Empire Diner will be replaced by a new restaurant run by the folks from Union Squares Coffee Shop, according to Chelsea Now. The still unnamed neo-diner will serve better food but will look just about the same. Itll also have a Coffee Shop flavor, which presumably means the kind of service that makes you want to push a button on a rocket pack and burst through the ceiling if you have to wait one more second for the check not that the servers at the Empire Diner were all sunshine and smiles. The owner of the 34-year-old Empire apparently hasnt gotten the memo and is still trying to work something out with the landlord: We wouldnt be here 34 years if our food was bad, she says.

Fallen Empire: New tenant found for 10th Ave. diner [Chelsea Now via Eater]