Clifton’s Hosts Thanksgiving Dinner With Esotouric

Photo: The Toe Stubber via Flickr

Most restaurants have special menus and take-out packages for Thanksgiving this year, but only one serves holiday-style turkey and sides the whole year round. Legendary Clifton’s Cafeteria is home to a roast bird and stuffing regardless of the season, NBC L.A. reminds us. While deep-fried and tofu turkeys might be your thing this year, L.A.’s noir historians at Esotouric are honoring the traditional by holding a Thanksgiving dinner on Clifton’s second floor. Meeting at 3 p.m., the group invites all those orphaned to rally around the fake redwood forest for their fall fixings—mashed potatoes, roast bird, pumpkin pie, and some old-timey nuclear family recipes like white Jello with confetti specks. The meeting will last two hours and provide a look into a 70-year old L.A. legend over a very affordable meal. 648 South Broadway.

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