Cedar Tavern’s Grave Site Is Still Untouched

The condo site back in February.
The condo site back in February. Photo: Daniel Maurer

Chumley’s is keeping hope alive, but back in February it became clear that Mike Diliberto wouldn’t be reopening his storied bar, Cedar Tavern, after building condominiums above it. Instead, he aimed to lease the ground-floor space (now an empty white box) to a retailer, so as not to disturb the residents above. Nearly nine months later, there aren’t many residents to disturb — broker Tamir Shemesh tells us that out of seven units for sale, he has only sold one (three others are “on the way to being sold”). Meanwhile, the ground floor sits eerily empty, even after the rent was lowered from $28,000 to $21,000 (a hardware store and a pharmacy showed interest, but ultimately decided against moving in). “It’s the economy and the market,” says Shamish. “You have to be patient.” And it’s true. If we were Diliberto, we’d be patiently killing the pain at Old Town.