Butchers Gone Wild: Rabbit Puppets, Date Butchering, and Good Ol’ Pat LaFrieda

Photo: AHNY

Tom Mylan, who opened the Meat Hook today, tells Fork in the Road about the concept of date butchering: Well its Saturday night, you can have couple drinks we always have some beer around hang out, watch some butchering, and go out to eat afterwards. Sounds great! Actually, the students dont get to butcher, but some meat-curious New Yorkers got a taste of rabbit killing over at another Williamsburg spot, Robertas, where urban farmer Novella Carpenter gave a class on raising and killing rabbits yesterday. Although Ms. Carpenter burned sage and spoke of dispatching an animal as a solemn task, writes Diners Journal, others named their rabbit carcasses and made hand puppets out of their hides. You gotta wonder what an old-school butcher like Pat LaFrieda would think of these shenanigans. Actually, judging by the sign that appears in AlwaysHungrys enjoyable tour of the LaFrieda plant (Pat LaFrieda Says Eat My Meat), maybe Pat Jr. wouldnt mind.

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