Bourdain Has Reservations About New Boss

Photo: Getty Images

Is Anthony Bourdain worried that Scripps Howard, the parent company of his ex-employer and current-day nemesis the Food Network, has purchased his current employer, the Travel Channel? He tells Rochester City Newspaper: “Um, yes. We are about halfway through shooting season six, ratings have never been higher, but I think … I’m definitely taking a wait-and-see [approach]. I’m not happy about sharing a hot tub with Guy Fieri, is what I’m saying.” Bourdain also has a typically great quote about his current job title: “I’ll live with celebrity chef, or television personality, but in my heart of hearts, I’d put it on the same level as lighting director on porn film, habitual masturbator, or aspiring arsonist.”

INTERVIEW: Anthony Bourdain [Rochester City Newspaper]