An Arby’s Grows in Brooklyn; Intern for Martha Stewart


• Arby’s will open a fancy-looking franchise in Brooklyn’s Fulton Mall later this month, the first of 40 planned openings in the city over the next decade. [NYDN]

• If it’s your dream to work with Martha Stewart, fork over $3,600 and you can have a six-week internship at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, or just drop $10,000 to do a segment on her show. [Eat Me Daily]

• Having spent the past six months eating cheeseburgers for research, one man offers up a list of advice. His first insight? “Ketchup and mustard are overrated as condiments.” [Chicago Tribune]

• Cocktail aficionados, take note: Angostura Bitters are in short supply around the world owing to the sole manufacturer’s recession-related troubles. [Guardian UK]