Adam Platt Sinks Oceana’s Lofty Ambitions; Meet the Spotted Pig Forager

Photo: Hannah Whitaker

In the magazine this week, Adam Platt bemoans pricey, expansive seafood restaurants like the new Oceana, which served better, more adventurous food before relocating to a larger setting: “With this vast new corporate space to fill, that approach has been scrapped in favor of a more familiar, user-friendly, pan-globalist style.” Robin Raisfeld and Rob Patronite profile April Bloomfield’s star forager, Annie Myers. She’s found often at the “Union Square Greenmarket, where she spends four mornings a week stocking her custom-built tricycle with everything on her neatly written list (plus a constant stream of incoming texts from forgetful cooks).”

It’s crabapple season, and i Trulli chef Patti Jackson transforms the mealy fruit into the piquant Italian condiment mostarda. If you’re too stressed over the turkey to think about making anything else, Rob and Robin recommend Blue Smoke’s new frozen, oven-ready pies for Thanksgiving in addition to their fresh ones. To get an early start on the next holidays, consult our gift guide to international cakes.