Wolfgang Puck .Food Suit Settled; Local Restaurant Owner Rumored to Have MJ Autopsy Pics


• Minds and Machines has settled its five million dollar lawsuit against Wolfgang Puck over the failed .food domain name deal. [Domain Name Wire via Eat Me Daily]

• California Pizza Kitchen is launcing a new wine list, with 30 varietals, mostly under $10 a glass. [Yahoo! Finance]

• Rumors are flying that a “prominent Los Angeles restaurant owner” obtained the Michael Jackson autopsy photo from a contact in the police department. [TheDailyBeast]

• Mario Batali will be a “dictator” for Halloween this year, a costume he accomplishes by tying a Yukon Gold to his belt. [Cityfile]

• The Dunkin’ Donuts executive who left the company for Starbucks has settled a lawsuit from his former employers. [NYP]

• Costco hopes to accept food stamps in stores nationwide by Thanksgiving. [City Room/NYT]

• Restaurants nationwide are hoping to boost traffic with Halloween specials. [NRN]

• Wisconsin-based local-agriculture advocate Will Allen is pleased that people of color are getting involved in the “good-food movement.” [AP]

• Burger King’s first-quarter profit slipped dramatically this year; the restaurant blames high unemployment rates. [AP]